Augusta Pain Center

The Augusta Pain Center in Augusta, GA, is an area leader in pain management, offering a variety of state-of-the-art services designed to help patients of all ages find relief from chronic pain. Opened in 2001, the Augusta Pain Center is staffed by a team of experienced Interventional Pain Management Physicians - led by Richard S. Epter, M.D., Medical Director – who has more than 20 years of experience helping patients find relief from chronic pain such as headache, back pain and neck pain. He is joined by  William S. Schiff, PsyD. whose experience in Behavioral Health Management has served chronic pain patients in the Evans and Augusta area for over 7 years. At the Augusta Pain Center, extra emphasis is placed on identifying the underlying cause of a patient’s pain. By determining the pain generator responsible for symptoms, a treatment plan can be identified to treat the manifestation of the disease process that is causing the patient’s pain. “As an interventional pain management specialist, I seek to identify the cause of the patient’s pain so that we can eliminate it or control it with as minimal medication usage as possible,” says Dr. Epter. “This is especially important when patients have been taking narcotics for pain management. Narcotics carry many risks, and there has been increased regulation regarding narcotic use in recent years. Thousands of narcotic-related deaths occur each year due to patients taking prescriptions both legally and illegally. Therefore, identifying the cause of a patient’s pain and utilizing a specific treatment plan designed for each patient’s individual pain generator can help improve a patient’s function, decrease his or her pain and optimize quality of life.”