Relevium Pain Specialists

Relevium Pain Specialists are dedicated to provide each patient with the premier quality of compassionate, individualized care in the field of interventional pain medicine.

As interventional pain specialists, we focus on treatment options beyond medications to help directly diagnose, reduce, and at times completely relieve a person’s source of pain.  By utilizing minimally-invasive techniques and procedures, we can help target and treat what causes painful conditions, rather than just treating general symptoms with medications.

We incorporate a multidisciplinary, evidence-based, targeted, and tailored approach to pain management that is unique for each patient.  Our multidisciplinary strategy may include help from other types of practitioners, such as physical therapists, pain psychologists and psychiatrists, neurologists, rheumatologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and surgeons, to help address various aspects to a person’s painful condition.

Relevium Pain Specialists are passionate about helping patients work toward restoring their function, relieving their pain and suffering, and improving their overall quality of life.